Alice the Malice

shes short and has curly hair but still rocks the ripped tights, leather jacket like a pro. 
everything she does is amazing and she makes it look so easy.
all of her clothing is awesome and fits her just right.
she must have a whole room devoted to her tights. she is always wearing them!

What A Beautiful Day

Here is almost all of the leopard found on my desktop, enjoy it, bask in it.

Lions and Tigers and Leopard Oh My

just let the leopard sink deep into your brain. the beautiful, luscious, gorgeous, lovely, pretty, intense, alluring , interesting, charming, and appealing leopard.

The Living Basement

Melting Fabric decided to raid their cluttered basement to find things that caught their attention. Immediately we decided to make a whole bunch of necklaces with our finds. This is our its your turn!

The Attack of the Swatch

Matthew Langille is a name you may not recognize off hand, but you would probably recognize his artwork if you saw it.  His childlike drawings have been seen on flip-flops for Havaianas, T-shirts for Marc by Marc Jacobs and now watches for Swatch.  Matthew is a prolific drawer and, like most artists, he uses drawing and sketching as an outlet for creative energy, filling various illustration pads with countless images. He is creating art to provide another perspective on human nature.  Lots of the images are a reflection of his own psychological and philosophical perspective, which is seen by the way he conveys the characters he creates.  The trio of watches, named Germaholic, Snuggle Bunch and Floating Away, are all inspired by Langille's upbeat and humorous view of modern society. 

Gorgeous Bracelets Think Alike

One of my favorite online stores is is giving out free bracelets to MeltingFabric readers! So become a Facebook fan and keep reading MeltingFabric for future giveaways.

Old But Still So Good

Rock and Roll. concert tee, black ripped jeans? hand me a pair. i want a pair of leopard creepers to pair with them... oh yes :)

a splash of color

Swatch's new line of watches are dazzling and exciting! They have been created by "Billy The Artist" with Keith Haring in mind. The watches are awesome and inexpensive, my favorites include Morning Glow, and Moving Beat. Check them all out at Swatch's website.

when all else fails

lately, all i can think about is studs, rips and loose tshirts, its getting pretty bad

images via TFS, Lookbook


i really like this outfit because its simple and you could find articles of clothing like that just lying around in your closet, but its super cute too!  I really want glasses like those, but i feel like i might look like a poser in them.

love love love this dress!  I love the pattern, complex and bright patterns attract me!  Cute belt too xx!
I adore this shirt, its loose but sleek. She wears it really well.  The way she tucked it in is marvelous! 
And lastly, want this shirt..and i want michael jackson back :(  Such a talented artist.  His music will go on forever and ever.  
I hope all of you are having a great summer! If you know of anywhere that sells the 3rd pictures dress, let me know!  Oh, and Top Shop lovers, i went to nyc and went to top shop. It was spectacular!! 4 or 5 floors of heaven (:  I only bought one dress though, my budget was low seeing as it was the last shop we visited after a loonnggg day of shopping.  Have a great 4th of july!! xoxo

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Sunscreen prevents skin cancer.

I love the polk-a-dot shirt, its a bit preppy, but still has party in it.  The white tank is loose and easy, but still so lovely. Adorable!! I bought this bright yellow-neon tank top like the white one and i'd love to pair it with the last pictures sunglasses.  One piece of advice for the summer: WEAR SUNSCREEN!!  I learned that the hard way 2 days ago...lets just say..I look like a lobster..and I am in a lot of pain.  I hope all of you are having a great summer!! Update melting fabric on cute outfits that you have worn, or funny summer stories :)
Pictures via cory kennedy and cobrasnake

Waves of the Beach

I've been thinking and well, i have realized to get the best look in the summer, you must have 'beachy waves.'  Recipe for beach curls: Mix salt (sea salt, if possible) in water in a spray bottle.  Spray hair.  Crunch hair if you have wavy hair; if you have straight hair put in a messy bun.  Let air dry. Continue to crunch when ever possible.  Braid a little piece and clip it back for optimum hotness(:  Give it a try, and if it works, write your success stories!  Also, if you have any other hair tips, write those too!

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