What I Like About You Is That You Know How To Dance

Here is a few things that I would love to have in my wardrobe, tell me what you think:

I really want her vest! If anyone know of an online store that sells inexpensive vintage vests like these, let me know! 
I am so in-love with this tanktop and have been for awhile! I can't seem to find it anywhere- if you have an idea or something similar...let me know! ha
her shorts! wow-do i want those!
What do you think about this tshirt? I know its on a man's body ha, but for a girl? And maybe do alittle DIY cutting of it?

I also really want a pair of overalls, I'm thinking shorts, not long pants, but ill take what i can find! The last thing i want for this summer, is a whole trunk full of Band Tshirts! If you have any shirts you don't want always open for donations! haha

have a lovely saturday night!

Another Sunny Day

Street style is always so inspiring and beautiful. If you haven't ever listened to Belle and Sebastian, please do, they are so fantastic :)

images via Stylesightings and Facehunter

The Wild Ones

I definitely have a thing for vintage tshirts, whether they be Band Tees or a Transformers Tee. I am trying to find perfect one to order online, but have not had much luck; if anybody knows of any awesome online stores with cheap tshirts, by all means, let me know! haha

images via Cobrasnake, Knighttcat, Modelinia

Crashing into Silence

Why must Viktor Vauthier's photographs be so wonderful? I want those leopard print leggings and the T- Shirt in the top picture. So beautiful

images via Viktor Vauthier

Ms. Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung was in the Style section of the New York Times, the interview is pretty cute so click on the picture to enlarge and read it! Alexa is so cute and so is her style, i'm so excited for her MTV show!

Dont Poke Me

Are you feeling the whole button trend? If you are, go out, buy a 100, and go crazy! 

images via The Fashion Spot, Urban Outfitters, Cobrasnake, Jak&Jil

"oh jonny… love you MEAN IT"

Ms. Cory Kennedy has supplied the world with MORE glorious photos of Coachella. There outfits are amazing! Especially the last girl- that tank top is super cute!

images via Cory Kennedy

DIY from the Cobra Guy

Here are but a few "Do It Yorself" ideas that have been posted by Cobrasnake. If anybody wants to take a shot at these,  I would love to see how they turn out! Good Luck!

Images Via Cobrasnake

Time Machine

NoiseBot.com has a wide selection of comedic t-shirts that honestly can brighten up a day.  You will never get bored with these shirts that range from 10-20 dollars per shirt.  Check ittttt!