Sunscreen prevents skin cancer.

I love the polk-a-dot shirt, its a bit preppy, but still has party in it.  The white tank is loose and easy, but still so lovely. Adorable!! I bought this bright yellow-neon tank top like the white one and i'd love to pair it with the last pictures sunglasses.  One piece of advice for the summer: WEAR SUNSCREEN!!  I learned that the hard way 2 days ago...lets just say..I look like a lobster..and I am in a lot of pain.  I hope all of you are having a great summer!! Update melting fabric on cute outfits that you have worn, or funny summer stories :)
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Waves of the Beach

I've been thinking and well, i have realized to get the best look in the summer, you must have 'beachy waves.'  Recipe for beach curls: Mix salt (sea salt, if possible) in water in a spray bottle.  Spray hair.  Crunch hair if you have wavy hair; if you have straight hair put in a messy bun.  Let air dry. Continue to crunch when ever possible.  Braid a little piece and clip it back for optimum hotness(:  Give it a try, and if it works, write your success stories!  Also, if you have any other hair tips, write those too!

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Dress to Impress

Summer is finally here, which calls for dresses!! Can't wait to go to the beach, get a tan (sunburn), and show it off in a small summery dress! For night dresses, its attractive to pair it with a vest and some black pumps.  For the daytime match a dress with some high healed (wedge?)  shoes, and/or a belt.  Never forget to accessorize..a lot.

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Super Sweet Summer

Summer has arrived and so has the relaxed feel of this wonderful season. Here a but a few of my inspirations for this summer. Baggy vintage T-shirts, acid-wash denim, cool drinks, and basking in the sun; here i come!
have a lovely summer and be sure to comment on the post below as well, to ensure your place in the competition because there are only a few days left!

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Wildfox is one of my favorite brands and now through chickdowntown, any of you can have this teeshirt! This website is so awesome, they have so many brands like DVF Clothing and Current Elliot denim, which is the coolest! So if you love Wildfox as much as I do, and you want this tshirt, leave a comment with your blog or email address and I will contact you if you have won! 

Zipper Me Up

I have been looking everywhere for zipper skirts and zipper dresses like isquisofrenia has.  I am in love with them!  A little birdie is telling me that H&M has a cute zipper dress, too bad I can't find it on their website :( .  If anyone knows of a store thats selling stuff like isquisofrenia is wearing please tell me!  I need one! Melting Fabric's plea for help! 
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"excuse me..who ever said pigs couldn't fly?"

Glamour Kills just got a new line of summer clothes!  The shirts are fabulous, and can be matched with some overall-shorts.  The bathing suits are unique and flattering, and personally I'm totally digging the paint splatter.  The shirts are colorful and new; it feels like a breath of fresh air.  I can't wait to buy the "Express Yourself" t-shirt.  Check the website out, you won't be disappointed!

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Oh Wait, Theres More

Indeed, the list is lengthened. I know its terrible, but here are some more things that I wish i could get for this summer. 

I adore titiMadam's jewelry, I would love to order many different pendants of different animals and wear them all at once! The only issue is that they are from UK, but i want them so badly! 
These overalls are so cute, they are so perfect and I adore how they are acid-wash.
Tie-Dye Leggings are something I have been yearning for, I would love to attempt a DIY, but time does not allow for it, either does my non-existent art skills. These beauties are from Shabdismyname but if anyone has a cheaper alternative, let me know!
When these shorts were debuted on Cobrasnake, I instantly wanted a pair! I decided to attempt a DIY with them, and lets just say they ended up in the trash can. If anybody has a better idea then to free hand it, or wants to make me a pair- hit me up with an email! haha
I am so excited for these jeans to hit the racks at Topshop NY, I love these!
These wonderful Palladium Boots will be available sometime during the summer, and I can not wait to order a pair. They look so comfortable and are at a super reasonable price!

Okay, well I hope this is the last of my Summer Pickings, and I hope you like my pickings, but if you have any suggestions please let me know, by commenting!