Waves of the Beach

I've been thinking and well, i have realized to get the best look in the summer, you must have 'beachy waves.'  Recipe for beach curls: Mix salt (sea salt, if possible) in water in a spray bottle.  Spray hair.  Crunch hair if you have wavy hair; if you have straight hair put in a messy bun.  Let air dry. Continue to crunch when ever possible.  Braid a little piece and clip it back for optimum hotness(:  Give it a try, and if it works, write your success stories!  Also, if you have any other hair tips, write those too!

Pictures via lookbook.nu


  1. cool! i love beachy waves. john frieda used to make a product called beach hair or something like that, and it had salt in it and smelled DELICIOUS! i have not been able to find it in forever and thus am sad.

  2. i love both looks especially the 1st one.

  3. love these looks!
    need to start wearing my hair down... x

  4. sweeeeet tip;) i think i tried that before when my hair was long, it worked well, too!

    xx raez