Oh Wait, Theres More

Indeed, the list is lengthened. I know its terrible, but here are some more things that I wish i could get for this summer. 

I adore titiMadam's jewelry, I would love to order many different pendants of different animals and wear them all at once! The only issue is that they are from UK, but i want them so badly! 
These overalls are so cute, they are so perfect and I adore how they are acid-wash.
Tie-Dye Leggings are something I have been yearning for, I would love to attempt a DIY, but time does not allow for it, either does my non-existent art skills. These beauties are from Shabdismyname but if anyone has a cheaper alternative, let me know!
When these shorts were debuted on Cobrasnake, I instantly wanted a pair! I decided to attempt a DIY with them, and lets just say they ended up in the trash can. If anybody has a better idea then to free hand it, or wants to make me a pair- hit me up with an email! haha
I am so excited for these jeans to hit the racks at Topshop NY, I love these!
These wonderful Palladium Boots will be available sometime during the summer, and I can not wait to order a pair. They look so comfortable and are at a super reasonable price!

Okay, well I hope this is the last of my Summer Pickings, and I hope you like my pickings, but if you have any suggestions please let me know, by commenting!


  1. great leggings, and Unicorn necklaces :) ahhhh!


  2. those overals are INDEED amazing x

  3. Loooove the tie dye leggings AND the boots (th black pair, with the plaid) I want them!
    Nice blog,
    xox, mavi

  4. I love the leggings - so cool, so chic! Wonderful blog x


  5. Those necklaces are so adorable!!
    And thank you for your sweet comment!


  6. your blog is fab! Thanks for the lovely comment you left. I'm adding you to my blog list to keep up

    xoxo Monikapolitan

  7. love those boots,
    and there's something so mystically fantastic about those unicorn pendants too :]

  8. Holy crap, those floral pants are killerrrrrrr.

  9. those boots are pretty amazing! x

  10. fantastic leggings and pants!!