a splash of color

Swatch's new line of watches are dazzling and exciting! They have been created by "Billy The Artist" with Keith Haring in mind. The watches are awesome and inexpensive, my favorites include Morning Glow, and Moving Beat. Check them all out at Swatch's website.

when all else fails

lately, all i can think about is studs, rips and loose tshirts, its getting pretty bad

images via TFS, Lookbook


i really like this outfit because its simple and you could find articles of clothing like that just lying around in your closet, but its super cute too!  I really want glasses like those, but i feel like i might look like a poser in them.

love love love this dress!  I love the pattern, complex and bright patterns attract me!  Cute belt too xx!
I adore this shirt, its loose but sleek. She wears it really well.  The way she tucked it in is marvelous! 
And lastly, want this shirt..and i want michael jackson back :(  Such a talented artist.  His music will go on forever and ever.  
I hope all of you are having a great summer! If you know of anywhere that sells the 3rd pictures dress, let me know!  Oh, and Top Shop lovers, i went to nyc and went to top shop. It was spectacular!! 4 or 5 floors of heaven (:  I only bought one dress though, my budget was low seeing as it was the last shop we visited after a loonnggg day of shopping.  Have a great 4th of july!! xoxo

pictures via lookbook.nu