i really like this outfit because its simple and you could find articles of clothing like that just lying around in your closet, but its super cute too!  I really want glasses like those, but i feel like i might look like a poser in them.

love love love this dress!  I love the pattern, complex and bright patterns attract me!  Cute belt too xx!
I adore this shirt, its loose but sleek. She wears it really well.  The way she tucked it in is marvelous! 
And lastly, want this shirt..and i want michael jackson back :(  Such a talented artist.  His music will go on forever and ever.  
I hope all of you are having a great summer! If you know of anywhere that sells the 3rd pictures dress, let me know!  Oh, and Top Shop lovers, i went to nyc and went to top shop. It was spectacular!! 4 or 5 floors of heaven (:  I only bought one dress though, my budget was low seeing as it was the last shop we visited after a loonnggg day of shopping.  Have a great 4th of july!! xoxo

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  1. I think new look do something similar to that dress :)
    Nice blog :)

  2. OH :( I really love the Michael Jackson shirt too!

  3. do you know how much you've made me want that MJ shirt ?
    amazingly much.

  4. Wow , inspiring! I absolutely looove the last one.

  5. ooo I love the first outfit, your so right its almost plain or normal but so sheek. I'll keep my eye out for the MJ shirt and tell you if I see one check out my blog at

  6. LOVE that top outfit!, kind of alexa chung inspired she always wears stripes

    really like your blog :)


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  7. love the girl's hair in the ramones t-shirt! i love topshop!