Zipper Me Up

I have been looking everywhere for zipper skirts and zipper dresses like isquisofrenia has.  I am in love with them!  A little birdie is telling me that H&M has a cute zipper dress, too bad I can't find it on their website :( .  If anyone knows of a store thats selling stuff like isquisofrenia is wearing please tell me!  I need one! Melting Fabric's plea for help! 
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  1. I got mine from H&M! I think that's your best bet... but also, Urban Outfitters might be worth a look? x

  2. oh , wow this is awesome, thank you,
    i got this skirt at 80s purple, find it under purple label, and the dress i got it at Wet Seal.
    your sweet!

  3. I love zipper skirts too! I have one but its thrifted. Wish I could help you!

  4. I can never find what I'm looking for in my H&M, it's tormenting! haha.

    x x x