What I Like About You Is That You Know How To Dance

Here is a few things that I would love to have in my wardrobe, tell me what you think:

I really want her vest! If anyone know of an online store that sells inexpensive vintage vests like these, let me know! 
I am so in-love with this tanktop and have been for awhile! I can't seem to find it anywhere- if you have an idea or something similar...let me know! ha
her shorts! wow-do i want those!
What do you think about this tshirt? I know its on a man's body ha, but for a girl? And maybe do alittle DIY cutting of it?

I also really want a pair of overalls, I'm thinking shorts, not long pants, but ill take what i can find! The last thing i want for this summer, is a whole trunk full of Band Tshirts! If you have any shirts you don't want always open for donations! haha

have a lovely saturday night!


  1. i'm with you on those shorts. killller.

  2. Thanks for your coment!
    I bought the Cobrasnake tee in this website: www.yatt.es
    It's not very expensive (25€), and they send you the tee-shirt for only 5€!


  3. hello ! first time i come across your blog so im gonna visit it now :)
    well if you wanna be inspired by my collages story or just dream, come and visit my blog :)
    a bientot !
    Boubouteatime xx

  4. I like those shorts and vest too! If you find out about the vest lemme know =)

  5. Hih, oh wow, thank you ! I'm glad u like it :)
    (and yes, I sure got the exercise of the day ;P)
    These things would look good in my warderobe too, let me tell you :)

  6. the star shorts are great! for good vintage finds you should simply just search ebay or etsy...easier and simple :-)


  7. Awesome pictures! the star shorts rock!
    You might find some good skull stuff at Urban Outfitters (I recently got a really good skull shirt there)
    And I would just suggest eBay or your local thrift/vintage store for the sequined vest. That's a great find! I guess you could also try Forever 21 but I wouldn't expect anything.
    As for the tee, I think with a little Sharpie you could easily DIY that Sophmore top...

  8. thanks for posting those star print shorts!
    I'll be looking for a pair of my own now :]


  9. I love all of these things, esp the vest, and the tank top with the skull and the shorts!! Amazing darling!

  10. ooo i just found a shirt just like that skeleton one yesterday! and i was so thrilled because i've always been in love with that shirt and that picture! i got it at a little store called Fashion Channel but the tag says it's by Funky Story. they also make it in black with white writing which is cool too and it was only like thirteen bucks which was amazing!

    thanks for the comment! you're blog is awesome! i can't get over how great and cool your pictures are.

  11. i love the first picture, i'm very much into hats and vests at the moment.. i found a really cool tapastry vest at an opshop. it's my favourite!
    .. and i also wouldn't mind her tee!


  12. that tank is super cool!! let me know if you find it! i would love one!

  13. I want the sparkling west, the tank top and everything that girl is wearing!=D